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Auto lamps

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The good light of automobile headlights is one of the main criteria for confident and safe driving at night and in bad weather. Not all produced cars have good optics which provides sufficient illumination. Therefore, the quality of headlight lamps in budget cars is important, because a properly designed lamp can largely reduce the disadvantages of optics and raise the quality of headlights to a higher level.

The Vitano halogen lamps are produced with all common socles for different types of headlamps. They are able to provide a bright and correct light "beam", which gives high-quality lighting of the roadway, and does not blind the oncoming drivers. This result is achieved by the most accurate and well thought-out installation of the spiral during production. A halogen filling of the bulb gives a high luminous efficiency and preserves a long lifetime of lamps.


Automobile lamps H1 12V   Automobile lamps H1 24V
Automobile lamps H3 12V   Automobile lamps H3 24V
Automobile lamps H4 12V   Automobile lamps H4 24V
Automobile lamps H7 12V   Automobile lamps H7 24V


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