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Standart wiper blades

Frame windshield wipers are the most classic models that have been installed on cars for decades. They have good reputation because of their robustness, extensive versatility and ease of installation. Such windshield wipers are equipped with a metal frame and moving hinged springs, which press the rubber band of the windshield wiper to the surface of the glass.


Frameless wiper blades

In recent years frameless windshield wipers have enjoyed quite a high demand due to their softness and good flexibility, which provides an excellent adaptation to the windshield and qualitative adherence. However, such wipers are more suitable for vehicles with "smoother" (without the strong roundings) glasses, because of the absence of the frame they have low ruggedness and are not effective on the more rounded glass surfaces.


Hybrid wiper blades

Hybrid windshield wipers are the most modern of the existing types of windshield wipers. They combine the advantages of frame and frameless windshield wipers. These features make them very practical and therefore they are in demand among motorists.


Replacement rubbers of the wind-screen wipers

It often happens that the wiper blades installed on the car are still in good condition, but the cleaning rubber is already worn-out and does not provide a high-quality cleaning of the glass. In such cases, for economic reasons, you can replace the rubber itself, if the design of the wind-screen wipers allows it (it can be usually done on the wireframe and some hybrid wind-screen wipers).

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